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Wind Power Hoisting
Master of Wind Power Hoisting: XCA1200

Powerful! Firm! Stable! XCMG Classical K Series

  • Powerful! Firm! Stable! XCMG Classical K Series

  • XCMG started the R & D of XCMG Classical K series produce in 1999; the first K series product QY16K came out in 2000, and 25K, 35K, 50K was launched successively. It was like the gift for millennium for those in China’s hoisting industry. Depending on the excellent market performance, K series product is highly evaluated by innumerable fans. After 16 years, even after high quality and intelligent G series product comes into the market, they are still popular on the market. Just because such feelings, XCMG still keeps the typen- programm of K series product. 
XCMG Classical K
  • XCMG Classical K never stops its steps of going forward during the past 20 years; and it continually improves the technology and series platform for K series product. The height of XCMG K series auto crane still cannot be reached by other similar products, and the glorious performance is full of sweet and sweat. 
  • In the early of 2013, XCMG Classical K Hoisting Machinery Division grandly launched numerous new products, including the star product- QY50KA. It is pure K series with innovative technology, and it is the product suitable to client’s requirements and industrial technical development. 
  • “The arm is powerful”, this is the high evaluation given by users. 5-section telescopic arm is adopted for QY50KA; XCMG Classical K high-strength steel plate and brand new optimal U-shaped structure is adopted, which is far exceeding the industrial level. The embedded arm head and inserted sliding block design increases the effective length between the two sections of lifting arm, which effectively avoids the torsion and sidewise bending phenomenon due to non-vertical hoisting during hoisting. 
  • Besides advanced lifting arm technology,  XCMG Classical K the perfect optimal matching of complete machine can improve the performance to the maximum degree under the circumstance that the weight of complete machine is the lowest. The supporting leg for getting off is subject to longitudinal H-layout; the fifth supporting leg is in front of the chassis frame; after it stretches completely, user can realize 360° rotation operation. After H-shaped supporting leg stretches completely, the longitudinal and horizontal distance can reach 5.91m and 6.9m. The lifting arm can work easily only when the lower plate is stable enough.


  • “Large horsepower and powerful climbing capacity.” This is also the praise from the clients. As the saying goes, “as still as rock and as lovely as rabbit.” Sometimes for users, a long and arduous journey may be needed for reaching the construction site. Unique four-axle special automobile chassis design and rear double-axle is adopted for QY50KA auto crane; 9-stage gear box and large-power engine is set, so the gradeability of XCMG Classical K auto crane reaches as high as 45%, and the power performance of the vehicle is 10% higher than the similar products. 
  • V-push rod structure and  XCMG Classical K rubber spring suspension is adopted for the rear-axle suspension system, which adds the driving stability of chassis and effectively avoids inaccurate positioning of rear-axle tire during high-speed driving, and reduces the tire abrasion. 
  • “It is fast and stable.” This answer will appear each time when talking about the hoisting stability of QY50KA. For crane, XCMG Classical K hydraulic system is the blood of the complete machine. QY50KA also adopts the mature hydraulic system of K series; special converging multi- channel valve is adopted; double-pump confluence technology is adopted for winding-hoisting, stretching of lifting arm and change of amplitude. The highlight of this technology is “fast”, which largely improves the amplitude change of lifting arm and the efficiency of stretching operation, and effectively shortens the working time. 
  • The “stability” mainly benefits from “load sensitive technology”; the application of this technology can make the system not affected by load pressure change and flow change of oil pump. In addition, single and double-pump changeover can be realized for the actions based on the hoisting condition, and adjustment for different heavy objects is more accurate. Meanwhile, the energy consumption of hydraulic system and system heat is reduced, which largely prolongs XCMG Classical K the service life of the hydraulic system. In addition, the application of rotary buffer technology of unique structure realizes the objective that there is no instantaneous moving when rotation and amplitude change, so that the rotary system can be operated stably without shaking, and the amplitude change system is effective and energy saving and lowers stably.
  • XCMG QY50KA auto crane pays more attention to safety reliability and practicability during the design process; and the safety protection facilities are elaborately designed. Arm support stretching technology with national patent is adopted for the complete machine; and the lifting arm can automatically perform stretching control as per the specified sequence, which avoids the oil cylinder bending XCMG Classical K caused by mis- operation, breakage of arm support, and improves the operation safety. Meanwhile, special balance valve core is adopted, which can prevent oil leakage of balance valve and retraction of oil cylinder. 
  • Brand new hydraulic system design XCMG Classical K is adopted for the complete machine of QY50KA auto crane; it can realize stretching, manual changeover between variable amplitude double pump and single pump, guaranteeing that the amplitude change and rotation process of the vehicle is stable without shaking. When the stretching and amplitude change action XCMG Classical K is changed to single pump for working, the winding heat can be reduced by 50%, bringing high benefits and high profits to clients.

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