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As loader cutting edge suppliers, we mainly provide the following products: Wheel loader,Clamp Loader,Underground Loader,Fork Loader,Wheel Dozer,Backhoe Loader,Skid-Steer Loader,Telescopic Handler,Skidder,Balance Forklift,Pallet forklift,Reach Forklift, Stacker Forklift,etc. Please contact us for more information about loaders.

Loaders Company Main Products

XCMG is the leading supplier of almost all loaders,As a top wheel loader manufacturers, we sell all types of loaders with the following main products:

Wheel Loader

  • As a manufacturer of wheel loader companies, we can supply any type of wheel loader.
  • Wheel loaders can carry any type of material, including gravel, gravel, soil, debris and dirt. Thanks to their wheels, they offer excellent maneuverability on the road without damaging finished asphalt or concrete. They can also be called front loaders, front loaders, bucket loaders, shovel loaders or skip loaders.
  • Compact wheel loaders have many similarities to skid steers because they share the same method of transport (wheels) and primary function. If you are trying to choose between these options, or want to know the advantages of a compact wheel loader versus a skid steer, the best rule is that a compact loader is one step above a skid steer in size, power and capacity. If your project is too tight to handle, then it’s time to upgrade to something bigger.
loaders company
loaders company

Skid-Steer Loader

XCMG is most reliable skid steer brand,As skid steer manufacturers,We offer a full range of skid steer loaders.

Skid steer loader, also known as skid steer loader or skid steer loader. It is a compact and versatile piece of construction equipment that can perform a variety of tasks. The equipment is equipped with two tracks or four wheels and can be easily driven.

  • Project Range:
  • The following are some of the types of construction projects that skid steers can be used for.
  • Road projects: grading roadbeds, digging ditches, moving dirt to fill in hillsides and other areas where roadbeds need to be built.
  • Material handling: moving materials from one location to another and loading them into containers; moving hay and/or manure on agricultural sites.
  • Brush clearing: removing vegetation to open up space
    Slope Release: Create level surfaces for roads and building sites.
  • Backfilling: moving earth to fill excavated holes.
  • Debris Removal: Remove debris that has accumulated on site after storms or due to flooding or neglect.
  • Demolition: removing buildings using grabs, hammers or scissors; skid steers are often called upon to perform this type of work because they are strong and easy to maneuver.

Backhoe Loader

  • As a professional backhoe loader company, we can provide a full range of backhoe loaders.
  • Some common construction equipment includes backhoe loaders, excavators, cranes, wheel loaders, etc. Backhoe loaders are so common that almost everyone has seen one at any random construction site once in their lifetime. No construction would be possible without a backhoe loader. Backhoe loaders are used for excavation work, trench cleaning, hauling loads, lifting loads and cracking asphalt. They are also great for digging below machine level, usually at least 14 feet deep. Gardeners, hole diggers and demolition workers can all benefit from a backhoe loader.
loaders company

Backhoe Loader

  • As a side loader forklift manufacturers, we can supply any type of side loader.
  • Side load forklift or side load forklift: There are many types of forklifts available today, from three wheel counterbalanced forklifts, remote controlled forklifts, powered pallet forklifts, pump trucks, front loaders, and of course side loaders.
  • Side loading forklifts can be operated almost as per the instructions on the tin can. Side loading forklifts are powerful industrial trucks that can lift loads from the side, making them ideal for carrying wider or longer loads. Narrow aisles can be a problem for regular forklifts, but side loaders can get through them with ease.
Compact Track Loader

Compact Track Loader

  • As a compact track loader manufacturers,Our compact track loaders feature a vertical lift design that rises high and reaches far for quick and easy loading. With a rated working capacity of 2,125 – 3,700 lbs. (965 – 1680 kg), rely on these compact loaders to have the muscle you need. They can also work comfortably in tight spaces and are easy to trailer.
  • Add one of our compact track loaders and skid steer attachments to maximize your versatility in preparing your site and moving landscape materials like mulch, rock and dirt with root rakes, rotary cutters, mulch heads, augers, buckets, blades and levelers. Use our bale bailers, bale spears, silage defoulers, material/manure scrapers, grapples, forks and buckets for farming tasks such as hauling hay, cleaning fences, and re-matting. With over 100 attachment models, you have plenty to choose from.

Latest Loader Price List

XCMG is a loaders company. We can not only provide you with high-quality loaders, but also provide you with the most favorable prices. The following is the price list of various loaders. If you need, you can contact us at any time.

Front End Wheel Loader Zl50gn CEUS $10,000-50,000XCMG Official Zl50gn CE Approved China New 5 Ton Small Shovel Front End Wheel Loader with Spare Parts Price List
Front loader ZL50G$37,756.00 Hot sale china xcmg made front loader ZL50G ZL50 5t wheel loader price ZL50GN for sale
Mini loaderXC740K$900,000.00 XCMG official XC740K mini loader prices
Skid steer loaderXC740K$10,000.00XCMG official XC740K skid steer loader prices
Wheel skid steer loaderXC760K$10,000.00XCMG Official XC760K Chinese wheel skid steer loader price for sale
Wheel LoadersLW500KN $40,000.00 XCMG New Upgrade 5 ton Front Loader LW500KN Wheel Loaders with 4.5m3 Bucket Price
Side loader XC6-3514K$10,000.00Chinese XCMG XC6-3514K side loader 14m small telehandler 3.5 ton telescopic handler price
Used wheel loaderFL955$19,500.00 XCMG FL955 5t 3m3 Used wheel loader with Weichai engine HOT SALES for Africa

Application Of Loader

  1. For construction
    The construction industry is the home base of loaders. Loaders are the “movers” inside buildings or on construction sites. It is hard to imagine how to realize the long-distance transportation of materials and gravel on site and how to load and transport construction waste without a loader, but the loader makes these problems easy to solve, saving labor and improving efficiency and progress of the project.
  2. For agriculture.
    If you are a farmer, you will own a large piece of land. From planting to harvesting, you can’t do it all yourself. Mechanized operations are your first choice. So what can the loading program do? First, it catches grass. By changing the fork attachment, it can help you remove weeds and straw effectively. The second is to shovel grain and transport grain. How to store and transport the harvested grain, through the loader, easily help you to complete the stacking of grain transportation.
  3. For beautifying city construction.
    A large number of tasks involved in landscaping, hardscaping, light construction projects and utility works also require the help of loaders. For example, the paving of roads; the grading of landscape materials; the construction of ground pipes and various other aspects require the assistance of loaders.
  4. Other areas.
    Loaders are used in many more areas by changing attachments. For example, replacing snow plows to remove snow from roads. Replacing pallet forks, when the loader acts like a forklift to enable the transport of goods. By replacing the attachment of the sweeper, it can also lightly sweep the dust and debris from the road.
  5. XCMG is a loaders company, which can provide you with efficient, cost-effective and highly utilized loaders. loaders company are your best choice.

Video Show Of Loader

Factory Show

XCMG is one of the largest loaders company, we are not only engaged in export trade, we are also a loader factory with many years of production experience. The following shows our loader workshop, we have a strong supply capacity, give us your loader project, you can be completely assured to get the best quality and the best price.

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