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Sino-Germany Technology Integration - GOLF JUNK In Concrete Machinery Industry - Four Novas on XCMG S9 platform debut in Shanghai

  • On November 22, the sky in Shanghai shows off a different kind of beauty after the rain! This is the day that Technology Integration BaumaChina2016 ushers its grand opening, with the “Ingenuity for You” as the theme,  the press conference for 2016 XCMG Innovative products was solemnly opened at the XCMG booth. At the conference, XCMG-Schwing S9 technology platform, the concrete machinery that is integrated with Sino-Germany cutting-edge technology detonates the scene in the moment when it debuts, and successfully attracts the attention of many fans at home and abroad.
  • XCMG has started the cooperation with Schwing (German), the Technology Integration global leader in the concrete machinery industry, since 2012. XCMG S9 integration technology platform debuted at the Shanghai BMW Show in 2014. Now in 2016, the four GOLF JUNKs for XCMG S9 platform converge on Shanghai beach. All of these no doubt show XCMG-Schwing’s continuous leap and subversion in the concrete field, and more witness its great journey from R&D to the “Masterpiece” under the guidance of the great visions of the world top concrete machinery manufacturers.
  • “S9” is a nova technology platform developed from 9 breakthroughs in the concrete machinery industry, including “China + Germany”, “XCMG + Schwing”, which include 15 core technologies, nearly 100 key technique innovations. Three major types of concrete machineries are bred in this platform. At this BMW show, the four platforms, i.e. HB52K concrete pumper, XZJ5310GJBB7 concrete mixer, HBC10040K vehicle-mounted concrete pump, HPC30KI concrete sprayer, once again lead the industry to updating and upgrading with its absolute advantages such as high performance, technical intelligence, green energy, reliable efficiency. It is the time for the concrete machinery industry to fresh start the structural optimization.
  • HB52K concrete pumper – 3-bridge pumper with max meters for which the skirt valve, arc-shaped outrigger and other German cutting-edge Technology Integration are firstly applied in the domestic market

  • HB52K concrete pumper is the industry’s ultimate 3-bridge products in current time. As it uses skirt valve, arc-shaped outrigger and other German Schwing’s integration technologies in the domestic market for the first time, some absolute features such as energy efficiency, reliable and stable performance, intelligence and flexibility are built-in.
  • Energy efficiency: 

    As the S9 series “Nova Product”, the pumping efficiency of HB52K exceeds more than 10% of industry average level. To take C30 standard concrete (slump of 180-200mm) as an example, the pumping capacity is 15 cube / hour higher than the industry average level. Based on the workload of 10 hours a day, 200 days a year, it can pump an extra concrete of 30,000 cubes or more a year. This higher Technology Integration is achieved by virtue of a lot of the “state-of-the-art” technologies, including the key or the most well-known component, i.e, skirt valve of XCMG S9 technology platform. The German descent technology, after being integrated by the technical experts from XCMG in combination with the actual demands of customers for construction, features good airtightness, no accumulation of materials, fast “absorption” of materials, better compatibility with materials and so on, which make it more available; the manufacturing technology for dedicated valve reduces the pumping pressure by 2.5MPa, the average power loss is cut down by 25KW, and fuel prudent by 0.2 liters / cube. The system produces less heat, the oil temperature can be controlled below 60 degrees so that it operates safely and reliably.

  • Reliable and stable performance:

     in the structure, the design of “arc-shaped outrigger”, as a symbolic characteristics, not only greatly increases product appearance, but more importantly, it also features simple structure, uniform stress, small deformation, minute leg lift, and high reliability. In control technology or in other technologies, HB52K fully integrates Schwing’s hydraulic control technologies, where the full hydraulic commutation technology can realize the whole hydraulic control in the processes such as signal detection, processing, commutation and buffering, in the absence of any electrical components, and with high efficiency and stability, no pollution; MPS pumping buffer technology can reduce the impact of the pumping commutation by 80%, vehicle vibration by 50%, less pumping commutation time (less than 0.1S), increases the efficiency by 6% and pumping capacity by 10 cube / hour.

  • Intelligence and flexibility: 

    the advantages of arc-shaped outrigger also includes a single-stage retraction instead of multi-level type, so as to meet the requirements of diversified working conditions, minimize the operating footprint, less operating span than the height of pumper, and more efficiency in the narrow space; new external linkage arm mechanism and intelligent boom damper technology makes the arm unfolding, folding efficiency increase by 40% or more, the boom swing up and down is controlled within 0.2m, and boom spin reduced by 70%; The fault information can be displayed on the GPS platform by using Technology Integration fault diagnosis technology, then sent to user through SMS, which can automatically locate 225 faults and save 80% the troubleshooting time.

  • XZJ5310GJBB7 concrete mixer truck – The domestic first “Internet mixer truck” which matches the latest XCMG HANVAN N-V chassis with lightweight design

  • XZJ5310GJBB7 concrete mixer truck,  matched with the new XCMG HANVAN N-V chassis, and using a new streamline design, looks more superior to others, plus high efficient and reliable performance. It is particularly worth mentioning here that it is named the “Internet Mixer Truck” highlighting its “Smart” feature.
  • High efficiency: 

    In the S9 Technology Integration platform, the product integrates a high-end stirring technology, i.e. the four-dimensional mixing feature. The four-dimension technology refers to the three-dimensional stirring spaces coupled with the time dimension. The stirring technology achieves good homogeneity, low residues, fast discharge and small fluctuations in slump through mass observation, testing, simulation, the formation of design during the mixing process in a well-planned, elaborate pitch, and  spiral arrangement of variable slop angle. Based on extreme technology of tank capacity for XCMG S9 platform, the filling rate is substantially increased, the transport efficiency of equal capacity is 6% higher than the industry average.

  • Reliability: 

    a new generation of mixer tank and impellers use the high-intensity ultra wear-resistant carbon steel as a raw material steel plate with lighter weight, higher wear strength, so that the overall service life is increased by 1.5 times, and the weight reduced about 10%; newly integrated subframe structure is designed with lighter weight by analysis of CAE full work conditions more reasonably Technology Integration. The R&D of coating and chassis shows synergistic effect in that it is configured more reasonably and the overall service life is extended more.

  • Intelligence: 

    the intelligent control unit for vehicle enables constant speed operation and two control modes, i.e. near and far controls, and be characterized by lower fuel consumption, energy saving; the vehicle matches advanced intelligent X-Link system which achieves real-time, dynamic visualization management for vehicle. “Where’s the equipment?” “How is the vehicle conditions? ” All of these can be real-time learned, so that the equipment is dispatched in place intelligently and efficiently. Customer, by using a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer, can arbitrarily, anytime and anywhere, monitor the equipment operation, or even can operate the equipment.

  • HBC10040K vehicle-mounted concrete pump truck – dual-cylinder, high-power (294KW) engine vehicle-mounted pumper which the maximum pumping capacity of 105m3 / h, the maximum pumping height of 600 meters, the industry’s first configuration with ultra-high pressure, large displacement skirt valve technology

  • With maximum pumping capacity up to 105m3 / h, the maximum pumping height up to 600 meters, the dual-cylinder, high-power (294KW) engine vehicle-mounted pumper, as the industry’s first configuration with ultra-high pressure, large displacement skirt valve, is absolutely the  “leader” in the industry. once on show, it is overwhelming everything. the product’s successful debut also shows that XCMG marches into the ultra-high building construction industry with powerful pumping capacity.
  • Higher and more powerful technology: 

    the product first uses pumping capacity of ultra-high pressure skirt valve with equal bending moment, uniform stress, reliable airtightness and other features. The maximum outlet pressure of concrete gets to 40MPa. To ensure sufficient power, this truck is equipped with two 294KW Man technology engines, which can work alone or work together to meet the  needs of different constructions. The adaptability  to work conditions gets higher. In order to meet the requirements of low pressure and large earthwork volume construction, the whole machine matches with the dual-stage Rexroth pump 190 + 130. The four main pumps work together. The maximum flow of hydraulic system is 1280L / min, fully assures 105m3 / h maximum pumping volume. The maximum pumping height hits 600 meters Technology Integration, and the maximum level pumping distance up to 2400 meters. It fully caters to the construction requirements for high-rise, super high-rise city buildings and bridges, tunnels, factories and power plants, etc, which require high-pressure and long-distance pumping and C50 or above high-strength concrete pumping works.

  • Reliable double-bumper: 

    in order to ensure the reliability, it uses a pumping valve with dual-loop and high and low pressure changeover in parallel, in which the internal high pressure and low pressure oil circuit adopts two parallel lines, fully removing the inherent defects of the traditional main valve, such as high failure rate in changeover, high pressure loss, uneasy maintenance, which adopts single line and only relies on the cartridge valve to achieve high-low pressure switchover. While double-circuit parallel design technology assures that, even if one line fails, the other still works under the normal circumstances without spoiling any performance of the whole machine, so as to make sure the customers can have stable construction.

  • Energy-saving and high efficiency: 

    HBC10040K truck-mounted concrete pumper manifests its relative advantages  in the energy saving and environmental protection, utterly fitting in the green development trend for the industry, and solving the problem about high fuel consumption inherent in traditional ultra-high pressure truck-mounted pumper. It uses the dual-valve in parallel to match extra-large flow hydraulic system, fully reducing the loss of pressure produced in the hydraulic valves. Compared with the traditional single valve Technology Integration, the pressure loss drops by 20%. While the fuel consumption is 8% lower than the traditional single valve system. In the terms of the stability, it adopts the German Schwing MPS commutation buffer technology, to make the whole impact reduce by 80%, pumping efficiency increase by 10%, and the main pump life increase by 1 times.

  • HPC30KI concrete sprayer – wet concrete jet specialist which features super long spray boom, dexterous spray system in efficient and convenient way

  • HPC30KI concrete sprayer is a set of truck integrated with walking, concrete pumping, spraying functions, mainly for large-section railway, highway tunnels, slopes, water conservancy and hydro-power tunnel and culverts and underground military, civil constructions, with the concrete spray volume up to 30m3 / h.
  • Wide scope and high flexibility:

     HPC30KI concrete sprayer uses two-stage extension telescopic boom with the maximum jet height of 18m, the farthest jet distance of 14.8m; the swing arm as an innovative design at the end, is equipped with three dimensional freedom injection mechanism and universal rocker remote control, which sprays a wider range, and is more flexible in gunite work, no dead space, completely meeting the Technology Integration requirements of the tunnel construction.

  • The new technology is more efficient: 

    the pumping system integrates Schwing’s full hydraulic commutation technology, which features short change-over time, small injection pulse, less rebound, good jet flatness; the swing hydraulic control valve adopts the integral cone valve structure with less swing impact and boom vibration;  the machine is equipped with motor and the dual-power chassis, the motor as the driving power which completes all actions of gunite work in the tunnel. In addition to motor power, the chassis power can achieve the boom and outrigger telescope, accelerating agent filling in the barrels in the nonreactive state, and the pumping system works with the high-pressure water pump, to ensure that the cleaning work is more convenient and efficient.

  • The humanization design is more convenient: 

    the quick-open type design can help easily carry out the replacement of the conveying pipe, product maintenance and lubricant filler; The innovative design makes assembly and disassembly of turntable conveying pipe layout more convenient; while the operator can directly retract the cable by the Technology Integration remote control, real-time observe retractable state in a safe and convenient way.

Technology Integration
  • Sino-German integrated S9 platform HB52K pumper for the industry’s top R & D result

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