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No. 1 in the industry! The brand value of XCMG has exceeded 92.3 billion!
XCMG Creates Strong Partnership with Tsingshan Group to Build New Energy Base for NEV R&D and Production

Why Is XCMG“Green Energy” So Popular?

Why Is XCMG“Green Energy” So Popular?

As the leading enterprise of China’s construction machine industry, XCMG aims at environment-friendly intelligent products, persisting energy conservation and emission reduction technology research and development, through unremitting independent innovation in science and technology and launched a series of industry-leading green products

A brand-new city dump truck

XCMG smart electric dump truck

Driven by lithium phosphate batteries, the product features strong carrying capacity and climbing ability, with a single travel distance of 180KM. The intelligent network system is a breakthrough through the route detection system, fatigue detection system and so on.

So Popular

Why Is XCMG“Green Energy” So Popular?

Compared with the ordinary charging mode, XCMG battery-changing truck only takes 5 minutes before re-entering operation, which means that it can save nearly 1000 hours of charging time in every 100,000 kilometers, and the operating cost compared to diesel heavy-duty trucks would be 0.4 yuan less per kilometer. It greatly improved attendance.

A vanguard of environment-friendly construction

XCMG XE270E Pure Electric Excavator

Aiming at the needs of the low-emission areas in the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and working conditions in ports, tunnel construction and other conditions, XCMG introduced the industry’s largest-scale pure electric excavator – XE270E.

Why Is XCMG“Green Energy” So Popular?

It is designed with an ultra-large battery pack with total capacity of 525.1kw/h. Meanwhile it is equipped with advanced dual DC gun charging mode, making charging time shorter, that is to say, the work efficiency is greatly improved.

Why Is XCMG“Green Energy” So Popular?

As one of XCMG’s masterpieces in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, the XE270E excavator truly achieves zero emissions from the operating process. The noise is low, the sound proof is quite excellent, and the driver’s comfort significantly ahead of diesel-powered models, as well as it meets China’s environment-friendly construction requirements.

The Dream Team Member in Consumption Reducing

XCMG XCT25EV Truck Crane

As the world’s first plug-in hybrid vehicle crane product, the XCT25EV truck crane has a performance of 800 km endurance after charging for 1 hour when it is filled with fuel, with the characteristics of plug-and-play in lifting operation, and the amazing ability of zero fuel consumption in lifting operations. It is known as “The crane with the highest EQ”.

Why Is XCMG“Green Energy” So Popular?

“Its chassis power is super strong, while it still allows simultaneous charging and operating. It would not delay any work schedule and save my fuel cost, fantastic!” said by Mr. Zhang from Inner Mongolia.

A Vanguard of Energy Saving

XCMG “LNG Series” Liquefied Natural Gas Loader

In 2010, XCMG LW500K-LNG Liquefied Natural Gas loader was released to the global market as the world’s pioneer. Subsequently, after in-depth research and development, XCMG LNG loader full line product accepted optimization and upgrading, and has now formed a third generation of 5-9 tons series of products.

Why Is XCMG“Green Energy” So Popular?

Energy saving 30% or even more in performance, it can significantly reduce the user’s operating costs. Meanwhile, natural gas energy supply features a longer time in machine life, providing higher values in the full life cycle, XCMG machine’s outstanding performance has been proved by countless users in various types of work conditions.

An Eco-friendly Sanitizer in the City

XCMG pure electric driverless sweeper

XCMG pure electric driverless sweeper is equipped with lithium iron phosphate high-capacity battery as the power source which allows a continuous operating time of more than 6 hours and zero emissions, no pollution, low noise and no disturbance to the people.

Why Is XCMG“Green Energy” So Popular?

The daily operating area of a single sweeper is 108,000㎡, equivalent to 20 sanitation workers in cleaning volume. Meanwhile it has a driverless control system which allows a 150m range of automatic identification of obstacles – safe and intelligent.

Good looking bee-shaped appearance, with the 270-degree panoramic window glass cab, as well as “black technology” within, XCMG pure electric driverless sweeper provides extraordinary cleaning strength for the city’s most exquisite beauty.

A Blue Warrior on the Coast

XCMG pure electric reach stacker

Zero emissions, low noise, XCMG pure electric reach stacker becomes a blue warrior guarding the eco-friendly port.

Why Is XCMG“Green Energy” So Popular?

The whole machine uses three-motor drive control, equipped with precision weighing, intelligent brake, box protection and other advanced technology, 423kWh iron phosphate lithium-powered battery, 300KW double gun fast charge, 1.5h full-charge function and endurance of  8h – compared with fuel-type products, it can save 25 thousand yuan a year.


XCMG will continue digging into technology innovation

Boost the process of eco-friendly manufacturing

Improve high-quality development

And contribute more to the beautiful China!

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