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Newly graduates' first lesson at XCMG begins!

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

Super Idol’s smile

is not as sweet as you

The sunshine at noon in August

is not as dazzling as you

With expectation and longing

New graduates of 2021, gathering in XCMG

With their 105 ℃ enthusiasm

Lighting their dream, setting their sail!

Newly graduates

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

On August 14, the induction training “XCMG’s first lesson” for new graduates in 2021 was held in the new XCMG Truck-mounted crane factory area. Company leaders, general assistants, chairman secretaries, responsible persons of relevant departments of the headquarter, secretaries of secondary companies and heads of human resources departments, representatives of previous graduates, new graduates, military training instructors, counselors and other representatives attended.

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

Xue Bing from XCMG Research Institute shared his growth and harvest at XCMG as a representative of previous graduates; Meng Lingjun from XCMG Crane Factory and Yin Yijiang from XCMG Import and Export spoke as representatives of new graduates, talking freely about their feelings about entering the job and expressing their yearning to realize their life dream in XCMG.

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

After that, the representatives of the new graduates gave a military boxing performance. The sonorous loud voice of youth resounded throughout the audience and surrounded for a long time. The orderly and powerful movements all showed the thriving vitality and fighting spirit of youngsters and XCMG people in the new era.

As the “grand master” of XCMG family

Mr. Wang Min sent his message to new XCMG employees,

full of affection, full of advice and expectation.

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

As the Chairman of XCMG Machinery and XCMG Co., Ltd., and Secretary of the Party Committee, Mr. Wang Min welcomed the new employees, and made an in-depth explanation from three chapters: “The Road of XCMG’s Development”, “The Road of XCMG’s Globalization”, and “The Road of XCMG’s Future”, putting forward ardent hopes for the new employees.

“The red in the root and fruit, XCMG’s road of development is a Red road.”

Wang Min said that XCMG is an enterprise with Red genes, glorious tradition and Red in its root and fruit. It is an enterprise born and developed together with Chinese construction machinery at the same time, and an enterprise that has received the love, care and ardent expectations of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC Central Committee, and is an excellent and outstanding enterprise on behalf of Chinese construction machinery.

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

“Adhering to reform and innovation, XCMG’s road of development is a road to climb.”

Mr. Wang Min reviewed the seven special governance and a series of extrication reforms after taking office, to the “Hanvan Plan”reform, and then to the “12th Five-year Plan” period in the face of the decline of the industry, adhering to the main industry, improving actual strength, and prompting high-quality development. XCMG has always been in the forefront of reforming, breaking through the trough step by step to the third place in the world today.

China needs people who can stand loneliness and hard work to for  manufacturing, otherwise Chinese manufacturing will always be looked down upon, and XCMG has a heavy responsibility for it. After the mixed reform, the new XCMG will start a brand new journey with its “Red gene, glorious tradition and advanced system”。

“You will witness a great national enterprise and brand, and will work together to create miracles one after another.” Wang Min said that the new employees are lucky to catch up with the new system, the new XCMG and the new development path.

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

Wang Min stressed that XCMG’s two main strategies are technological innovation and internationalization. Internationalization drives technological innovation, and technological innovation supports internationalization. In the face of unprecedented changes in the world today, we should fight against the storm of COVLD-19 epidemic and step forward. Coming to XCMG, you must be a hero.

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

Wang Min summed up internationalization as “four adherent”: first, adhering to the leadership and construction of the Communist Party is the basic guarantee for XCMG’s everlasting; second, adhering to technological innovation and internationalization is the core strategy for the development and growth of XCMG; third, adhering to localized operation and digital layout is an important means of international expansion; and the fourth, adhering to cultural forging and spiritual guidance is an important method for XCMG to reach the peak of Mount Everest.

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

“Facing the ‘14th Five-year Plan’ and the future beyond, we always bear in mind the earnestly entrust that General Secretary Xi inspected XCMG, and will achieve the goal of reaching the peak of Mount Everest by our three-step strategy with high quality.” Looking to the future, Wang Min emphasized the realization of “Four resolute transformations and two necessary highlight.”

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

Wang Min expressed the hope that the new employees could achieve “two integration” and “five musts”。

The first is to integrate personal values into the overall strategic situation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The second is to integrate personal value into unprecedented changes in the world.

@ XCMG Freshmen

“Burn your passion, learn endlessly, you must be sure to learn more.”

There is no end to learning.We hope that the new employees would solidly learn more and take every day seriously.

“Take your effort ceaselessly. Practice leads to true knowledge, you must be sure to practice more.” You should cherish the internship period. You will not be able to achieve true results without gathering oil, dirt and sweat all over yourself.

“Stay calm, keep in mind of innovation-driven, you must be sure to innovate more.” In order to keep the good momentum of competition in our construction machinery forever, it is necessary to constantly innovate in technology.

“Have a strong body like steel, adhere to comprehensive healthy, you must be sure to exercise more.” To practice the THP Total Health Project, each employee should not only have his own fitness plan, but also be mentally happy and mentally healthy.

“Have a foothold in your post and strive to it, you must fight for the first place.” All positions in XCMG must become the top-ranking in the world. We would unswervingly make the enterprise better, stronger and bigger, until we reach the peak of Mount Everest.

Newly graduates’ first lesson at XCMG begins!

Our spirits meeting, our hot dream boiling

All new employees of 2021

Sing the song of XCMG together.

From this moment on

We will share the identity of XCMG workers

Share the glory of XCMG workers

Share the responsibility of XCMG workers.

Welcome you to join the family of XCMG,

Let’s fight for the dream to reach the peak!


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