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XCMG’s Disruptive Technologies Made Big Splashes at the Global Intelligent Manufacturing Conference Construction Machinery Giant Leads the Industry 4.0 Revolution

  • The Global Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, themed Make Manufacturing Smarter and co-hosted by the MIIT and the Provincial Government of Jiangsu, opened on Dec. 7, 2016 at the renowned ancient capital Nanjing. At the world-class grand event, XCMG IT Co., Ltd, a trendsetter of the Industry 4.0 Era and a specially-invited exhibitor on the recommendation from the Provincial Government of Jiangsu, debuted China’s first industrial Internet of Things big data platform, Next-generation MES products, and a series of cutting-edge technologies setting the pace for industry development, including PI terminals, and managed to arouse keen interest among large crowds of participators.
  • Being Forward-looking and Staying Ahead of the Industrial Curve

  • Amid the rising Industry 4.0 Era waves, intelligent manufacturing as a major riptide will, no doubt, be the main development direction of the global manufacturing. In a preemptive move to carve out a foothold in the face of the new industrial revolution, China officially rolled out last year its national strategy: Made-in-China 2025 Initiative. For manufacturing enterprises, shifting gears into intelligent manufacturing has become critical to future successes.
  • As early as in 2013, Mr. Wang Min, XCMG Chairman, was keenly aware of the trend, and asked Mr. Zhang Qiliang, the then Director at IT Management Department, to do some researches and set up a specialized IT firm during their business trip to Beijing. This decision derived from one of his debriefings to Mr. Miao, the MIIT Minister, and it was his forward-looking insight and resolute decision that contributed to the birth of XCMG IT Co., Ltd.
  • Afterwards, XCMG IT Co., Ltd has made an aggressive push into intelligent manufacturing, and has tried to stay ahead of the industry curve. The wide variety of disruptive Technologies exhibited at this year’s Intelligent Manufacturing Conference have drawn keen attention and strong interest from the audience, signifying the ultimate interpretation of XCMG IT Co., Ltd to the upcoming Industry 4.0 Era.
  • Stepping into Intelligent Manufacturing to become a Future Factory

  • Being a main frontier that integrates industrialization and info technologies, intelligent manufacturing will be one of important development directions in future. Mr. Zhang Qiliang, General Manager of XCMG IT Co., Ltd said: “You can’t just follow the old practice of incremental innovation. If you want to keep ahead of your peers in intelligent manufacturing, you must blaze a new path of disruptive innovations. Only through technological innovations can your enterprise achieve an exponential growth. 
  • The goal for XCMG IT Co., Ltd is to achieve intelligent manufacturing through combination of various modern technologies. That is to say, based on modern sensor technologies, networking technologies, automation technologies, artificial intelligence technologies and other advanced technologies and through intelligent perception, human-computer interaction, decision-making and implementation techniques, it wants to make its design process, its manufacturing process and its equipment fully intelligentized, resulting in a deep aggregation and integration of information technologies, intelligent technologies and equipment manufacturing technologies.
  • At XCMG’s HD loader intelligent manufacturing base, on the strength of industrial Internet technologies, two unique intelligent production lines, CNC machines, robots, AGV trolleys and workers have also realized man-machine and machine-machine interaction. Data sharing and information exchange help break down “information silos” to achieve intelligent production. Terminal is the brain of intelligent production facilities, where operators can give their production orders just by giving a touch of the terminal, and then, machines and robots can accept and respond to their instructions. This is intelligent production.
  • In fact, thanks to intelligent manufacturing, XCMG has already greatly improved its production efficiency. From the very beginning, the HD loader intelligent manufacturing base was designed to be a showroom for the entire industry, with a set of intelligent solutions being developed for each link of the whole process, for example, production control, material supply, quality inspection and so on. When shifting into intelligent production, a factory with a force of 1,500 workers may raise its annual output to 46,000 units from 17,000 units, not only resulting in increased output, but also improved quality. Application of a large number of intelligent devices, especially welding robots and painting robots, helps maintain stable quality over times. 
  • Internet of Things Technologies Fit Into the Whole Life Cycle of Products

  • The internet of things system relies on big data platforms, which gather, transmit, store, analyze and apply information and data through a global network of terminals. The first industrial Internet of things big data platform, set up by XCMG IT Co., Ltd, was put on display at this event, a second public appearance after its debut at the Bauma China during the last November. 
  • In an interview with reporters,Mr. Zhang Qiliang, General Manager of XCMG IT Co., Ltd, said that this platform, the first one in the industry, has many functions, including real-time location, trajectory playback, remote control, and basic information acquisition. And thus, it helps enhance intelligent levels of product design, research & development, asset security, marketing and product intelligence, reflecting characteristics of two-way fusion and penetration between the Internet and manufacturing.
  • On the strength of its powerful innovation capabilities, XCMG IT Co., Ltd has independently developed and designed a Next-generation Internet of things intelligent information terminal. The terminal has various features, including multiple bus interfaces, wireless fault diagnosis interfaces, accuracy location, high protection level, lower power consumption and others, and has been successfully used in national defense machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, sanitation machinery and others.
  • On the recent national army-civilian highway traffic joint emergency rescue drill site, the equipment command & control platform of armed police transportation forces, independently developed by XCMG IT Co., Ltd, played an important role in this drill, showing its great value. Unified command capability, quick response capability, overall coordination capability and equipment safety control were fully displayed through the platform.
  • At the exhibition scene, the system operation integrated 3D model and the VR Experience area drew large crowds, and interactive lottery-attached activities also attracted a lot of visitors.
  • Being true to the concept of continually satisfying customer demands, XCMG IT Co., Ltd, by integrating various resources and channels and through accurate product positioning, advanced information technologies, strict quality control, steady product upgrading and methodical R&D improvement, drives manufacturing process reengineering, drives the enterprise innovation and development, and helps enterprises realize their decision supports, leading enterprises embarking onto the road of true intelligent manufacturing.
  • Cloud Platform Enables the Global Opennesss and Sharing

  • At the Bauma China 2016 international Construction Machinery Exhibition on Nov. 22, 2016, joining hands with some giants in Internet and Telecommunication Industries, such as Huawei, Alibaba and China Telecom, XCMG launched the “XCMG Industrial Cloud platform to shape up a new type of industrial economic development model integrating Internet, Cloud Technology and Manufacturing, signifying that XCMG is actively embracing the rising “Made-in-China 2025 Initiative” waves and the advent of the Industry 4.0 Era, and having taken a solid step forward to the first-ever industrial cloud platform in China.
  • According to Mr. Yang Yong, Deputy General Manager of XCMG, the newly established “XCMG Industrial Cloud” platform will use disruptive thinkings and Next-generation information technologies to export XCMG’s digital industrial capabilities, and develop itself into a global cloud platform being characterized by openness, sharing and win-win, and eventually into an answer in the Chinese industrial sector to “Predix”. This platform mode will provide new impetus to innovation and change in the global construction machinery industry.
  • XCMG ‘s Green Innovation Competition in last April is simply the new attempt and the new breakthrough in the ongoing change drive of Internet + Cloud Tech + Manufacturing, and the efficient low-noise minifan program launched at the same time is just the first move in XCMG’s cloud platform-based crowdwisdom/crowdfunding campaign. Through the platform, global users can be online at any time and be connected with each other, truly achieving the cloud platform-based global openness and sharing. It makes the world a huge “lab”, and enables numerous groups to play a role in Chinese equipment manufacturing. In particular, the world-class cloud platform provides a venue for young people from all over the world, including makers and talents, to show their skills, and realize their own dreams.
  • Centered around the golden standard of actions first formulated by Mr. Wang Min for the industry: Leading Technologies and Durability, XCMG is committed to its development strategy of product and technological innovations, which is marked by 3“High” and 1“Large”(namely, high reliability, high added value, high tech content, and large scale). Recently, XCMG is quickening the pace of launching its intelligent, energy-saving, high-end products, working on integrated information solutions in the line with the concept of Internet Plus, establishing all kinds of core application platforms, and forging the IT-enabled whole value chain of products covering R&D, production, supply, distribution, sales and service, in a bid to implement the product whole life cycle management.
  • According to Mr. Wang Min, the development goals set in XCMG’s 13th Five-year Plan are to be among the top 5 in the construction machinery industry and raise its share of international revenues to 50%. XCMG will proactively adapt to the dynamics and evolutional trends of Internet Plus, focus on development goals in XCMG’s 13th Five-year Strategic Plan, the Made-in-China 2025 Initiative and the Action Program of Internet Plus,follow the business philosophy of going global, being focused on core operations, offsetting weaknesses and pursuing for sustainable growth, strive for reforms, innovations and market demand-oriented changes around the strategic priorities: technological innovation and internationalization, promote transformation and upgrading, promote changes to mechanisms and management processes, free up development potentials and vitality, and push ahead with the transformation towards the goal of a more diversified industry, more intelligent products, and more service-oriented manufacturing to reach the Everest Summit of the global industry.
Machinery Giant
Machinery Giant01
  • Speech from the Chairman, Mr. Wang M

Machinery Giant02
  • XCMG’s Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Area

Machinery Giant03
  • XCMG’s Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Area
Machinery Giant04
  • Presentation of the First-ever Industrial IOT Big Data Platform
Machinery Giant05
  • Crowds of Visitors Gathered at the Exhibition Area of XCMG IT Co., Ltd
Machinery Giant06
  • Interviews with Mr. Wang Min, XCMG Chairman, from CCTV, CRI and JSTV
Machinery Giant07
  • Media Interviews with Mr. Zhang Qiliang, General Manager of XCMG IT Co., Ltd
Machinery Giant08
  • A Snapshot at the Global Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

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