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Successful Trial Manufacturing of XCMG’s CES Rotary Cushion Valve Prototype through Collaborative Research and Development
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XCMG’s Cranes Earn High Reputation in Tibet for Large-Tonnage Hoisting at Altitude of 5,400 Meters

Speak with power, XCMG leads its engineering machinery industry to a high level

engineering machinery industry
  • Global launch of XCMG G-generation auto-crane that represents latest innovation result of high-end manufacturing. 
  • Days ago, the China Machinery Industry Federation and China Association of Automobile engineering machinery industry Manufacturers, according to major statistic data and indicators in machinery and automobile engineering machinery industry manufacturers in 2015, made and released the lists of 2015 Top 100 Machinery Manufacturers and Top 30 Automobile Manufacturers in China. XCMG ranks No. 5 in the list, taking the leading position in the industry.   
  • Speak with power, XCMG leads its engineering machinery industry to a high level

  • Shortly after that, KHL in UK, the world-leading provider of engineering machinery info, spearheaded the release of Yellow Table 2016 that lists Top 50 engineering machinery manufacturers in the world. Yellow Table 2016 includes quite a few Chinese manufacturers. And XCMG ranks No. 9, becoming the sole Chinese manufacturer ranking among Top 10 in the list. 
  • As the Chinese leader in engineering machinery industry, XCMG deserves the honors and titles it has gained in and out of China, which are  engineering machinery industry attributed to its accurate comprehension of the industry development and its internal/external efforts to become stronger. 
  • No pains, no gains 

  • Since 2010, engineering machinery industry in China has been lingering in the downturn stage with cold weather lasting and enveloping the entire industry. In this period, manufacturers in the industry move slowly, trying to find ways out. As the leader in the industry, XCMG has been taking the leading positioning in finding way out for the entire industry. This year, with wonderful performance, XCMG is bringing hope to the entire industry. 
  • It is known that, after experiencing downturn lasting over five years, sales of eight major host machines in domestic engineering machinery industry in January-July fell down by nearly 10% YOY. Though the fall has narrowed, bottom is not yet touched. Market size has shrunk to less than one third of the highest point in 2011. More manufacturers in the industry are suffering from losses.  
  • In spite of the negative situation, XCMG is presenting better performance than average. Its sales indicators are simply falling slightly, the revenues indicators are reaching the balance point, and the profits indicators are becoming positive. In particular, both sales and sales revenues of host machines in July recorded growth, revealing XCMG is leading the industry towards the upcoming spring season. 
  • In January-July, market shares of XCMG auto-cranes, road rollers, rotary drill rigs, pavers, lander levelers, lorry-mounted cranes and high-altitude fire fighting trucks ranked No. 1 in China; those of crawler cranes and tower cranes ranked No. 2; excavators ranked No. 3 in China, concrete machinery engineering machinery industry ranked No. 3 in the world; and loaders engineering machinery industry are increasing stably the domestic market share. Relying on its own strong products and markets, XCMG is occupying the leading position in a steady way. 
  • Significance of marketing

  •  Quality products don’t need marketing? In the market economy, marketing is very important. For XCMG, an established brand with history, it has played a good example for engineering machinery industry through its overseas brand marketing and market exploration efforts. 
  • With combined and swift efforts to become international, XCMG has not only promoted the brand, but also advertised its products in various ways. 
  • Focusing on exports, XCMG has facilitated all-series products’ entry into the world market. Its main products are taking the leading position in the industry with exports of rotary drill rigs and concrete mixers doubled; XCMG also makes layout in sales of overseas second-hands, leasing and cross-border e-commerce; exports of spare parts rise by 60% YOY. 
  • March into markets in developed countries. XCMG has played the role of its overseas R&D Centers, launched new products in European, North American and Brazilian versions, and got into the middle and high-end markets that were used to be controlled by foreign manufacturers. For example, XCMG is exporting batches of road rollers to USA and its horizontal directional drills have entered US market for the first time. XCMG is voted by 3,600 global users as China’s No.1 and World No. 6 brand of middle and high-end engineering machinery. 
  • The successful overseas Q&A has facilitated international development of XCMG. In 2010, XCMG acquired total shares of MAC Corporation in Netherlands; FT in Germany in 2011-2012, thus making the first step towards integration of global resources. In 2012, XCMG established engineering machinery industry partnership with the time-honored German giant Schwing to engineering machinery industry establish a JV holding company controlled by XCMG, which has facilitated its steps toward international development.
  • Speed up base layout. In H1 of this year, sales revenues made by Schwing rose by 10% YOY, achieving profits in a general way. The newly developed 65-meter high-end pump truck, before rolling out of the assembly line, has secured orders for 25 units. XCMG factory in Brazil has rolled out the new products with local certification. More than 1,000 XCMG units have been used in building of Olympics Games venues in Brazil, making it one of the mainstream engineering machinery manufacturers in the country. XCMG India factory has started the planning. The Uzbekistan JV oriented towards One Belt & One Road Initiative is occupying most of the local market shares. Premier Li Keqiang has given high praise for XCMG performance in Germany and Brazil.   
  • Recent years has seen XCMG successfully selling its products into most EU countries. Batch sales have been realized in Netherlands and Ireland. At the same time, XCMG has gained praise and recognition in high-end markets in Europe, thus included in the Elite Clubhouse of world engineering machinery. 
  • Hardships produce competent players

  • Faced with market changes, manufacturers are competing for both Chinese and overseas markets. The ambition is very important. But the ability to realize ambitions is more important.  
  • XCMG, both internally and externally, develops its abilities while focusing on breakthroughs in core techs. Enhancing high-end R&D input, it never hesitates to improve input strength. The key engineering machinery industry performance indicators of G-generation wheeled cranes have reached world-leading level. Soon after launch, the new V-series loaders take the leading position in the market. The large mine loaders and hydraulic cylinders equip world-class mine companies such as Rio Tinto; large double wheel trench cutters, large-tonnage horizontal directional drills realized batch sales in the first launch. The project “key techs and applications of mobile hoist units oriented towards large construction projects” won the Second Prize of National Sci-tech Progress, the sole one in the industry.
  • Work hard to develop new industries and new business forms. Two of its sections worth 10 billion Yuan have risen engineering machinery industry respectively. The new heavy-truck base and most favored New Hanvan have made exceptional results. In H1 of 2016, sales of heavy trucks rose by 56.3% and 10,000 units will be sold for the whole year. The newly-established environmental sector realized 3.1 times of growth in sales revenues. And 4 categories of hygiene equipment of XCMG now ranking among Top 5 in China. 
  • New industries are growing robustly. The tunnel heading machines used for pipe rack construction have made sales revenues of more than 100 million Yuan, ranking No. 1 in the industry in China; sales revenues of underground-excavation apparatuses increase by 2.2 times; sales of high-altitude fire-fighting trucks rise by 21.3%; those of pavement maintenance machinery increased by 43%. Besides, the mid and high-end load-diggers oriented towards overseas markets have been exported to Africa; the sales of bridge detecting machines and road wreckers double; progress has also been made in municipal facilities such as high-altitude trucks and operating platforms as well as deep drilling rigs and port machinery for petroleum and water-project exploration. 
  • Layout in new business forms. Sales revenues engineering machinery industry made by info & tech companies increase by 32%; financial leasing, finance and investment companies become new profit growth points supporting principal business; all new sectors and new business forms of XCMG are making profits. 
  • Against the serious challenges brought by the 6-year downturn in the market, XCMG focuses more on the international market, technical innovations and management innovations while improving efficiency, benefits and quality risk control. It keeps working to identify approaches and routes that lead sustainable development in the industry in such fields as reform of operating system, supply-side reform, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. As a result, XCMG maintains its leading position in the industry in China in terms of corporate volume, market share, exports and other major indicators. Continuing to improve its market competitiveness, XCMG has gained exceptional results in both domestic and international markets, maintaining leading position in the industry. All these results are attributed to the engineering machinery industry never-ceasing efforts and industry-wide vision of XCMG and its employees/executives.

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