double ringing slotter
XCMG’s double ringing slotter made its debut in Zhaoqing
Advisory Committee
The 5th Meeting of XCMG Strategic Advisory Committee for Overseas Markets Held in Shanghai

Season II “XCMG Interns” Activity Themed “Tender Feelings and Superior Craftsmanship of XCMG” Came to A Successful End

  • Long distance separates no bosom friend. On December 20, the Season II “XCMG Interns” activity themed “Tender Feelings and Superior Craftsmanship of XCMG” ended in the China’s construction machinery capital- Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. 5 overseas social media fans from third world countries including Nigeria, Namibia, Turkey, Pakistan and Uzbekistan who were selected from 10,640 applicants for this activity from 54 countries finished their one-week visit experience as “XCMG Interns” and shared this “XCMG experience tour” across oceans in the result release meeting at XCMG International Convention Center. Over 330 people including Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Li Ge of XCMG, Deputy General Manager Han Bin and General Manager Assistant Xu Xiaohui, and full-time secretary of Party committee of various units, principals of relevant departments, and representatives of outstanding young people on various fronts, and media friends witnessed it together.
  • As a leading enterprise in Chinese construction machinery industry and a successful model of making Chinese equipment manufacturing “go global”, XCMG has been very popular worldwide. Lots of fans, customers and partners wish to experience the work in XCMG and to feel the charm of “Made in China” and Chinese culture.
Activity Themed
  • “XCMG Interns” is a large annual creative experience activity planned and organized carefully by XCMG. It aims to provide interactive experience in “reality show” form for global fans in XCMG, in order to let them feel XCMG’s quality, value, innovation and responsibility. Through “communication of richer brand connotation, perception of more humanistic XCMG brand stories, design of more international brand image, more creative real-time interaction and more vivid on-site experience”, it displays a global image of generous XCMG, charming XCMG and vigorous XCMG, and shows its universal value and leading responsibility of “XCMG, Making the World Better”.
  • In January 2016, Season I “XCMG Interns” was successfully held. The activity achieved the best effect among creative social media activities in the year. To further attract fans, create word-of-mouth effect and enhance international brand reputation, Season II offline activity was held in December. At recruitment stage, total exposure of overseas recruitment posts at many national and international social media platforms reached over 11,500,000 times, and the number of applicants from all over the world was 10,640 which was 3 times that of applicants in Season I- this fully shows the enhancement of XCMG’s reputation and strong influence overseas. During offline visit experience, 6 “XCMG Young” outstanding instructors who were selected layer by layer internally accompanied interns.
  • It is learned that XCMG provided a customized itinerary for “Interns”. The itinerary includes such parts as “The First Intimate Contact”, “Visit Experience Sextet”, “A Retrospect of Ancient Charm of Han Dynasty” and “We Graduated Today”. During the activity, “XCMG Interns” visited the biggest combined factory building in global construction machinery industry and the biggest vibration noise laboratory in Asia, saw “the world’s best” high-end products of XCMG, and appreciated wonderful performances by the “Iron Spider-Man” ET110 which had just successfully participated in a CCTV program “Challenge the Impossible” and its “global gold medal manipulator”. Under the guidance of instructors, they operated construction machinery products and experienced G1 crane remote control, remanufacturing process, simulated construction of excavator, loader climbing in “roller coaster” form, test drive of HANVAN heavy-duty truck and 3D printing technology. They also learned and felt culture and etiquette of Han Dynasty, calligraphy, seal cutting, and making dumplings together with XCMG employees. The activity will be broadcast live at Facebook and be promoted worldwide in the forms of news and videos.
  • Meet in Winter

  • Xuzhou was still warm and beautiful in winter, as if specially for this tour across seven continents and five oceans. 
  • At 9:00am on December 16, “XCMG Interns” started “The First Intimate Contact” with XCMG with excitement. 6 instructors held a warm welcoming ceremony for “Interns” from afar.
  • Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee Wang Min of XCMG received “XCMG Interns” and sent “XCMG’s Surprise” gift packages with uniform, customized bag, XCMG notebook, cup and other things to them, which made them feel at home.
  • Chairman Wang Min said to “XCMG Interns”, “You are all from developing countries which have great potential for growth like China. I hope you will feel XCMG’s spirit and feel the culture of Made in China in this activity, and talk about XCMG’s brand story often after returning to help XCMG’s products and Made in China go global!” He wished “XCMG Interns” can become an annual brand activity which shows XCMG’s pursuit and international vision of leading Chinese equipment manufacturing to go abroad. 
  • Mahmut Demircan from Turkey sent special products dessert and tea from Turkey to Chairman Wang Min and said he felt greatly honored to become “Interns” of XCMG. Chairman Wang Min said to Lyubov Korovina, a girl from Uzbekistan who majored in Information Technology, “We welcome you to work in our joint venture in Uzbekistan.” She said she was very willing to join the big family of XCMG.
Activity Themed01
  • Chairman Wang Min was having a Friendly Communication with Lyubov Korovina from Uzbekistan
Activity Themed02
  • First Experience in XCMG

    During “The First Intimate Contact”, “XCMG Interns” had a friendly communication with instructors. XCMG’s development history, internationalization achievements, construction machinery knowledge, and their feelings about life and work were shared.

    As the only girl among the interns, Lyubov Korovina was affectionately called “little sister”. During self-introduction, she said, “My dad likes China a lot. I’m so excited to be an intern here. It’s like winning the lottery!”

    Faizan Naeem, from Pakistan, is only 22 years old, but he is already an “old China hand”. He said happily, “I studied in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It’s my great honor to be here. Because XCMG is a giant in Chinese construction machinery industry. I have a small wish that I can work in XCMG in the future!” Last, he showed a Chinese expression “中巴友谊万岁” (meaning Long Live Pak-China friendship) which won much applause.

    After the “You Perform and I Guess” game, they knew more about each other. Then they visited XCMG Experience Hall, staff office area and living area, witnessed the “yesterday, today and tomorrow” of XCMG, learned XCMG development history for over 70 years, and felt profound cultural background and industrial accumulation.

Activity Themed03
  • On the second floor of experience hall, a giant sand table which covers an area of almost 90m2 attracted “Interns”. They were amazed by lifelike product model, systematic product field and combination of sound, light and electricity. Rajanna K.V. who is from Nigeria and is 46 years old is the oldest one among fans in this activity. He has a strong interest in construction machinery. After visiting the experience hall, he said excitedly, “The hall was very interesting! It let me forget to return. I wish I would come here again if possible!”
Activity Themed04
  • Appreciating International Style

    During the “Walking Around XCMG” reality show activity, interns followed instructors to feel XCMG’s international style in an intimate way for the first time. XCMG was full of cheers and laughter despite different country, different language and jet lag.

    On the afternoon of December 16, “Interns” started the “discovery tour” in Asia’s biggest vibration noise laboratory. Mahmut Demircan said excitedly, “Amazing! It is really like a dream for me!” A professional technician explained functions of the laboratory and did an interesting experiment for them. They could not conceal their excitement when they saw the result. They felt they came to another world.

Activity Themed05
  • In industrial clay modeling room, “XCMG Interns” learned about world’s leading technologies and achievements in construction machinery modeling design for the first time. In “Maker Space” of XCMG Research Institute, decoration with contrast color and creative product placement brought a refreshing style and interns received Chinese zodiac gifts newly made.
Activity Themed06
  • On December 17, “Interns” started a mysterious vehicle tour in the intelligent heavy-duty truck manufacturing base of XCMG. By looking for automatic stamping equipment, welding robot, painting “space-time tunnel” and China’s longest U-shaped chassis assembly line on the task card, they visited stamping, welding, painting and final assembly workshops with curiosity, and witnessed the birth of XCMG heavy-duty trucks. They enjoyed “fast and furious” experience through test drive of HANVAN G9 and the world’s first five-axis dump truck with oil-gas suspension.
Activity Themed07
Activity Themed08
  • Knowing global “Interns” would come to Xuzhou Construction Machinery Technician College, young and enthusiastic XCMG students lined up to greet them. On behalf of teachers and students, Head and Secretary of Party General Branch Feng Yuehong of the college sent garlands to welcome the guests. In practical training classroom, they learned about application of the most advanced electro-hydraulic control technology in construction machinery, and experienced operation of highly simulated loader, truck crane and excavator.

Activity Themed09
  • Foreign students carefully studied the skills of driving excavators. Xavir Taillard.T from Namibia who just finished a perfect operation of construction machine for the first time said excitedly, “I can’t wait to operate a real excavator!” Others said, “Not Bad! 85!” “Good Job! 90!” “Very Good! 96!” Faizan Naeem kept trying and finally obtained a high score “96”. He said humorously, “I wanna stay here and be a welder!”
  • Fall in Love with Made in China

  • A piece of huge and soft red Chinese Xuan paper was spread out in front of people. Inkstone, ink and paperweight were available. In Excavating Machinery Business Unit, a soft brush fixed on the bucket of a excavator XE215D wrote, “Welcome to XCMG!” Then the “Iron Spider-Man” ET110 which had just successfully participated in a CCTV1 program “Challenge the Impossible” displayed its cool skills of climbing and turning freely. Wonderful performance by the “global gold medal manipulator” Zhao Jiangjiang brought “Interns” into a magical world of Transformers.
Activity Themed10
Activity Themed11
  • Then dozens of excavators lined up with bucket contacting each other to form a splendid “time tunnel”. “XCMG Interns” lighted the lantern printed with excavator product and XCMG Logo together for a better tomorrow. Lyubov Korovina could not help cheering, “So wonderful!” His love for Made in China was shown on his young face.

Activity Themed12
  • On December 19, they visited the welding cluster which features the biggest scale and the highest automation degree in the industry and the world’s first super-tonnage crane linear final assembly line. When they learned the manufacturing process of hoisting machines, they were very surprised by highly intensive and informational intelligent manufacturing of XCMG.

Activity Themed13
Activity Themed14
  • Through the intelligent workshop, “Interns” came to the wheeled crane commissioning site. An all-terrain crane XCA60 which features “Internet+” design and had just returned from Bauma China 2016 with high praise was waiting for them. By using IPAD to control the crane remotely, they experienced several internationally leading technologies such as Internet-based remote operation technology and one-key vehicle folding and unloading technology.

Activity Themed15
  • Faizan Naeem who majored in Mechanical Engineering showed a strong interest in XCMG’s leading intelligent manufacturing and high-end technologies. He asked working personnel a lot about product technology details. The “god” from Namibia marveled at crane parts and models. He said, “When I really see XCMG product parts, I feel the power of Technology XCMG.”
  • On the afternoon, they came to Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit. The welcome sign in English and 2 “greeting” loaders ZL50GV were extraordinarily eye-catching. When they walked into the steel structure workshop, they were attracted by welding sparks of “China’s first fully automatic unmanned welding line”. 24 bucket welding robots waves their “arms” to welcome guests. They highly praised XCMG’s advanced manufacturing process- “XCMG’s welding robots are so amazing!” “Welding quality is so great!”
Activity Themed16
Activity Themed17
  • Then skid-steer loaders performed a XCMG “waltz”; the loader ZL50GV rolled up and down while threading needles, and 20 balloons burst soon… Ra janna K.V. could not wait to climb onto the loader and pierced three balloons under the driver’s guidance. After the angle was adjusted rapidly, a nut with 10mm inner diameter was picked up. This mature man was so extraordinary.

Activity Themed18
  • Last, “Interns” experienced the long-anticipated “Loader Roller Coaster”. In front of the loader LW1100KV, there was a 20° angle of inclination. “Interns” walked into the cab one by one and followed the manipulator to drive onto the slope top fast and then drive down from opposite. “This is so exciting! XCMG’s products are so great!” they exclaimed after experiencing “Roller Coaster”.
  • Grow up in XCMG

  • In the result release meeting on December 20, XCMG invited Sharon, a guest of Season I “Interns” to give a speech. She said, “I and my fellows gained a lot from these two activities. We felt the leading strength and international style of a world-class enterprise in China, and also Chinese style and craftsmanship. We’ve fallen in love with XCMG and XCMG people, and Made in China!”
Activity Themed19
  • As the representative of Season II instructors, Wu Jie from Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit had deep feelings while reviewing this “XCMG Experience Tour”. Wu Jie said, “I feel very honored to participate in “XCMG Interns” activity as an instructor. Through one-week activity, we made a lot of friends from all over the world, and helped global fans learn about XCMG’s products, technologies and culture. They’ve fallen in love with Made in China. We heard these days that XCMG’s equipment is participating in construction in their countries, benefiting local economic development and improving people’s life. We feel very proud as XCMG’s employees!”
  • Liu Li, a new employee of XCMG Import & Export Co. Ltd. in 2016 is working in overseas sales department now. As the instructor of a “little sister” from Pakistan, she said, “During the days we spent together, we both have grown and made progress. I’ve further learnt about innovative technologies of XCMG and stories of craftsmen who created high quality. Craftsmen’s spirit will guide me to forge ahead during future internationalization undertaking.”
Activity Themed20
  • “The one-week XCMG experience tour is not only a linguistic challenge but also a psychological challenge for me. Xuzhou is a city with cultural foundation. XCMG is an enterprise with historical accumulation. During this activity, I made friends from all over the world and got a new understanding of over 70 years’ generous culture of XCMG.”

    Indeed, global fans gained a lot from this special experience tour. They felt the charm of a world-class brand and Made in China. That was the most precious Christmas gift given to them, which will definitely bring them many wonderful memories.

    Interns made small pieces of dough, rolled out dough wrappings and made dumplings in the cooking classroom of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Technician College together with instructors and students. They created different letters and XCMG Logo with dumplings. Dumpling wrappers in five colors represent the five continents and show their wishes that XCMG “gold” will be all over the world.

Activity Themed21
Activity Themed22
  • At the staff rest station of loader factory area, people sat together chatting. Enthusiastic XCMG employees sent motorcycle models they made with old welding wire to interns. “Interns” highly praised superior craftsmanship, good habit of thrift and versatility of XCMG people.
  • Xavir Taillard.T, the “god” from Namibia, had his own understanding of XCMG people. He said, “XCMG is very big and strong. It deserves the title of an international enterprise. People here, in production workshop, commissioning site or office, are all very friendly. They treat us as family members. This feels so good!”
Activity Themed23
  • They were dressed in costumes of Han Dynasty and Tang Dynasty and participated in a “vintage sports meeting”. Their shouts were deafening. They played such interesting games as Touhu game, shuttlecock kicking, rope jumping and iron ring pushing. They felt the great charm of traditional games amid laughing. During Han Dynasty culture experience link, they were dressed in costumes of Han Dynasty with the help of instructors, and completed such etiquette as appearance training and bowing. By visiting the Cultural Site of Han Dynasty in Xuzhou, they felt the ancient charm of Han Dynasty and historical foundation of Chinese culture. Culture functioned as a bridge of communication between “XCMG Interns” and XCMG employees.
Activity Themed24
Activity Themed25
  • Li Ge, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of XCMG, said this is an extraordinary cultural tour. “Interns” felt Chinese culture and etiquette, experienced the quality and innovation culture of Made in China, and saw XCMG people’s work attitude of keeping improving and ultimate pursuit of craftsmanship. And from interns, XCMG people felt open, integrative and inclusive cultural trait and humanistic quality.

Activity Themed26
  • In the release meeting, “XCMG Spokesperson” award was issued grandly. XCMG leaders granted “Affinity Spokesperson”, “Quality Spokesperson”, “Innovation Spokesperson”, “Value Spokesperson” and “Responsibility Spokesperson” honors to 5 interns- Lyubov  Korovina, Rajanna K.V., Mahmut Demircan, Xavir Taillard.T and Faizan Naeem.
  • Deputy Secretary Li Ge said, “As long as you were a member of XCMG, you’ll always be a part of XCMG family wherever you are. I believe this tour will make you fall in love with China and XCMG. You’ll share those wonderful memories with friends and relatives. You’ll be like an ambassador of friendship and peace between two countries.”
  • Speaking of the original intention of holding the activity, Deputy General Manager Han Bin of XCMG said in a media interview, “XCMG has been adhering to the internationalization strategy. Many fans left messages at overseas social media platforms. They wished to experience the work and life in XCMG, feel the charm of Made in China and Chinese culture. So we planned “XCMG Interns” activity. We invite global fans to “walk in”, to feel XCMG, learn about XCMG, and love China’s high-end technologies, advanced products and cultural connotation.”
Activity Themed27
  • The Future will be Better

  • With the successful holding of the Central Economic Working Conference, such strategic concepts as “Made in China 2025” and “One Belt and One Road” have brought opportunities for the construction machinery industry again. Internationalization strategy becomes Chinese power to go to the world. XCMG is the earliest construction machinery enterprise to focus on the world and “go global”, and has been committed to global infrastructure construction and providing high-quality products and supporting services for 176 countries and regions.
  • On October 25, 2016, Brazilian president Michel Temer met with a team led by Chairman Wang Min. Michel Temer praised XCMG’s achievements in Brazil and said “XCMG is a successful model of investing in Brazil as a Chinese enterprise and has showed a good example for Chinese enterprises which want to invest in Brazil”.
Activity Themed29
  • “One Belt and One Road” strategy has led Made in China to go global. Among the 65 countries along “One Belt and One Road”, XCMG’s products have been exported to 48 countries and exports account for 76.1% of total exports. By making products go global, establishing marketing service networks covering five continents, 34 spare parts centers, and 40 branches, subsidiaries and offices, and by relying on 300 international dealers and over 500 service providers who have signed contracts, annual export of over 1,000 machines to 176 countries has been achieved. XCMG ranks among top 3 among international brands in terms of market share in such places as Brazil, Russia, Australia, Central Asia and Middle East. XCMG “gold” brand “going global” has spoken for Chinese equipment manufacturing industry.
  • It is learned that XCMG achieved market share of over 70% with high-quality dealer service which was the highest among Chinese-funded enterprises since it entered Uzbekistan market in 2005. In May 2014, the joint-venture plant UzXCMG was officially opened. The plant provided thousands of jobs for local people and attracted high attention from the Uzbek government.
  • During the one-week experience tour, Lyubov Korovina, a college student from Uzbekistan, was very excited at Facebook when she talked about the first meeting with Chairman Wang Min and said Chairman Wang Min welcomed her to practice and work in the joint-venture plant of XCMG in her country. She said, “XCMG has a long history of 70 years. It’s very great and trustworthy! I wanna work in its plant in my country so much!”
  • We believe that as a founder, pioneer and leader in Chinese construction machinery industry, XCMG will consistently create the industry’s No. 1 brand, become one of top 3 in global construction machinery industry, become a world-class enterprise with unique value and creativity, and gradually achieve the goal of serving the country through industrial development in the next ten years according to “Made in China 2025” strategy.
  • Through activities like “XCMG Interns”, global construction machinery fans will understand, recognize and love the outstanding brand connotation of XCMG and the innovation leading connotation of Made in China, “technology leading” product strength, and charm of profound generous culture, and will spread these to the whole world, and will truly fall in love with XCMG manufacturing and Made in China!

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